Near base launch

Near base launch

Near base launch

There are two ways for a small satellite to enter orbit.

One is to use large and medium rockets to carry small satellites into orbit, which is the main way to deploy small satellites in the past. Due to the main satellite, the launch time and orbit selection of small satellites are very limited, which makes the deployment of small satellites very limited.

The other is to launch multiple small satellites with similar orbits by using small rockets without a master satellite (large and medium-sized main payload). This method can achieve relatively fast launch, is very flexible and reduces the cost, which is very conducive to stimulate the deployment of satellites and innovative constellation application scheme. At present, small satellites are mainly deployed in the first way at home and abroad. Small rocket or small carrier capacity is gradually maturing. It is expected that in the near future, the exclusive mode of small rocket and small satellite will be widespread.

At present, the main launching methods in the world include: conventional ground launched rocket, air launched rocket, rocket aircraft, aerospace aircraft, etc. The company includes: Nevada mountain company (dreamer 1), virgin orbit company (launcher 1), rocket laboratory company (electronic signal), orbital ATK company (Pegasus), vector space company (vector r), ISRO (SSLV), JAXA (epsilon), and vlm-1. However, the disadvantage of the above launching methods is that they can not be launched at any time and at any place. Therefore, the latest small satellite launch method: using the near space aerostat launch platform to launch.

On the one hand, the launch cost can be reduced by using the aerostat, on the other hand, it can be launched at any time and place to meet the needs of commercial small satellite launch. In addition, due to our own Space-based TT & C technology and the reuse technology of TT & C platform, our launch cost is much lower.

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