Mid/Low  Altitude  Airship

Mid/Low Altitude Airship

Low airship


1. Introduction

    Unmanned remote control airship can overcome its own weight by filling the capsule with helium, which has its own unique hovering, long-term stagnation and heavy load capacity. At the same time, the airship has the characteristics of vertical take-off and landing, long endurance, safety and stability, and low-speed. Compared with other UAVs, if it has the same load capacity, endurance time and safety, airship has low price, environmental protection and performance It has the advantages of low consumption, convenient operation, safety and reliability.

The low altitude unmanned airship transmits the flight data to the ground in real time by the on-board measurement and control system, and the controller sends out instructions on the ground to control the airship's flight; or the airship flies according to the preset route by using the autopilot on the boat.

As a very effective, economical and practical high-tech aerial flight platform, low altitude unmanned airship has broad application prospects in the fields of safety monitoring and investigation, disaster monitoring and emergency response, urban planning, environmental monitoring, communication relay, aerial photography and television broadcasting, advertising release, scientific experiment and engineering construction.

2. Application scenarios

1. Defense and security monitoring and investigation;

2. Air and ground real-time environmental monitoring;

3. Earthquake, flood, fire and other disaster monitoring and emergency communication;

4. Urban planning and traffic patrol;

5. Advertisement release and activity publicity;

6. Aerial photography and television broadcasting;

7. Power stringing and line inspection;

8. Scientific carrying test, etc.

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